Plan Your Office Christmas Party


Every office throws a Christmas party. They are a chance for employees to get together and bond and to celebrate and share in on the Christmas cheer. It is the chance to celebrate a year of hard but good work on the part of everyone at office and to celebrate the ending of the year and the start of the holiday season. If you are in charge of planning the office Christmas party, then you might be a bit stressed about getting things ready and in order for the bug day. Here are some tips for getting things ready in time.

Plan your theme

While most people are against party themes saying that they complicate things, we beg to differ. A party theme is simply an organising principle – a red thread that ties all the elements together to create a wonderful event! The key to having a theme is to keep thing uncomplicated – go with a winter wonderland or candy cane theme – where you have two or more key colours to your colour scheme like red, white and silver or just white and silver with green accents. You can choose to keep the dress code smart casual so that people can either dress in line with the theme or not – no pressure!

Get the logistics sorted

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and it is likely that you will have a lot on your plate in addition to planning the office party. There is no shame in getting some help – look for companies that take care of corporate event entertainment.

Companies that provide corporate event entertainment services will take care of things like the décor and any entertainment items like a skit or short play. Once that is taken care of you will be free to take care of the catering and to book and prep the venue. You will need to get a head count of how many will be attending the party and also check on whether partners and children will also be invited – you will need to account for them on the guest list and in terms of catering. Make sure the caterers know exactly how many to order for and that you have double checked and if you have the time tasted the menu that will be provided.

Double check everything

The day of the party call to confirm that everything is in place. Check with the caterers that they are ready to serve and with the event planners to make sure that the evening’s entertainment and décor are all set and ready. Or you can check this out to hire a band that can amp up the mood of the event.  Arrive at the venue at least an hour before to make sure that everything is in place and to make sure that you are available to make any last minute adjustments!